Plastic pipe and hose industry


Vibratory screening equipment is a type of machinery that is commonly used in the material processing industry to separate and classify materials according to their size, shape, and other characteristics. These machines work by vibrating a screen or sieve, which causes the materials to move through the screen or sieve, allowing the larger particles to be separated from the smaller ones.

Vibratory screening equipment can be used to screen a wide range of materials, including wet and dry materials, such as wet ash or dry frac sand. These machines are often used in the mining, aggregate, and recycling industries, as well as in other industries where materials need to be separated and classified according to size.

One common type of vibratory screening equipment is the vibrating screen, which consists of a screen panel made of a mesh or perforated plate, mounted on a frame that vibrates at high frequencies. The screen panel is driven by an electric motor, which creates the high frequency vibrations that cause the materials to move through the screen.

Vibratory screening equipment is typically used to classify materials into different size ranges, and can also be used to dewater or dry materials before disposal. This type of machinery is effective at separating and classifying materials of different sizes, and is often used in combination with other types of material processing equipment to achieve the desired results.

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